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Feather Spending most of my life in Southern Ontario. St.Catharines, better known throughout Ontario as the "Garden City", located to the north of Niagara Falls, mirroring Toronto on the shore of Lake Ontario. It was here I laid the ground work for the start of my direction of my art work.

Feather As a small child I developed my creative abilities with the guidance of my mother, she encouraged my very active imagination. In time with many different ventures I began to develop skills for perfecting my shading ability and attention to detail with great clarity. My work has involved the desired creations of native cultural themes, the stunning beauty of landscapes and the natural presence of mysticism with wild life. In my work I try and capture that mystic beauty that draws us in to a perceptual experience of a positive reflection, a glance of being in balance and harmony with nature.

Feather The work, Entitled "Windwalker"1995, is an example of one of my earlier works and most treasured. During that time, being an artist and working in a factory with no creativity what so ever and haven't created anything in some time. I was getting depressed and not feeling very happy about my life's direction. Keeping this work of art in my head and not having the time or energy. I decided to take time off work and see if I can get this drawing out of my head and onto paper, as I see it in my head. I said to myself "if I can do this I will pursue my desired direction with my art work". The drawing "windwalker" is based on a movie I saw when I was a child, called "Windwalker". After the completion, I felt satisfied, excited and somewhat confident. After some time now, I have finnaly found and watched "Windwalker" I did get a couple things wrong though, in the story and with my drawing. It still was a good movie or should I say, just a good story.

"Windwalker" 1995
"Web Design"

Ontario College Diploma in, New Media Web Design at Niagara College. Mixing creativity, software, technical and management skills to create an endless variety of mobile and desktop web-based products. An introduction to the fundamentals of 3D animation.

My desires for Native Culture, Nature Scenes, Wild Life, and all that I hold
beautiful in the world are a main focus of interest as a means for my medium.

My ardent desire, stems from my Mother and Grandfather
both being artistic. It surrounds my heart and fulfills my spirit!

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