The Hurt Inside

Looking up to the sky

I see the passing of a cloud

Taking me away in thought

Remembering I was once proud

Tears trickle down my face

Closing my eyes as I lower my head

Wishing on what cant be, and

All the things that were said

My thoughts are with you

A picture I can never hide

Thoughts that I cant hinder

The way I feel inside

A smile, as you look at me

Through my minds eye

A picture, that once was

Asking questions as to why

A smile goes back to you

As I crumble to the ground

And wish for better days

That has to be found

I wish alot of things

In this puddle of thought

Don't take away these tears

For the love I feel, the love I've got

I will always be here

From time to time

Looking at these pictures

That I keep in mind

A kiss that's for you

Something so true and real

A touch words can't explain

This is how I will always feel

With every passing thought

Each time my eyes begin to water

I remember I love you my baby

I love you my beautiful daughter!

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