In My Life

I see the beauty, the changing of the skies

An unfolding flower, held within my eyes

A mist in the sun, the rainbow over my head

Crystal clear water, an untouched seabed

A glance into one's eyes, a chance for a smile

The innocence of play, if only for a little while

The smell of a new day that's coming around

My spirits are so free into which I am bound

My mind dances all within a cool gentle wind

A taste for something sweet, an unwanted discipline

The howl of a wolf, a distance growing near

The elegance in my presence, for all I hold dear

A whisper in the wind, the voice of an angel

With all my doubts that I manage to dispel

The ignorance and the fathoms that follow

Endlessly left with thoughts I now bestow

I see the tears caused from a black, black heart

Color, race, religion, and all that sets us apart

You would think in all that time has shown

With something that was never unbeknown

Some born within love, some shown how to hate

The inevitable disregard for all that is in life's fate

Violence as the force that drives the perpetual stake

Bloodshed is something that I will never partake

I try so hard to see, I try to find what is right

My heart, my soul, all that is me, the endless fight

The wars, the greed, things they say will set you free

So, an undaunted red rose, I throw down to thee

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