My Closed Eyes for a Dream

Once in a dream I had seen my face

Tears to the ground of a different place

Staring out the window shadows on the wall

Sitting in a room you can't see me at all

Time I await to carry me away

I don't know why I feel this way

Seems to me there inside my head

Beckoning calls from beyond the dead

I see you looking through the window sil

Looking down getting ready for your kill

Come with me in the midnight's abyss

Time in hand of a place for Chris

You think that you're going to take me

To your world of pain

Do you see me as a bit crazy?

Or just a bit insane

Turning my days to frozen hours

I feel the cold of the falling rein

I fight with my mind to see what's right

Fists to the sky held hard and tight

I have this feeling a feeling that lies

Hidden within my closed eyes

I stand and walk to the world of dream

Silent footsteps, a shiver to a scream

Whispers of voices shooting through my head

Time is relevant to everything that is dead

Closed eyes for a dream I seen my face

Stared into the eyes of mystic fate

The man in the glass smiled to a laugh

As he turned with a grin and began to crack

A knock at the door to my surprise

Shivers through my body as I open my eyes

Everything faded, the dream disappears

Sunlight through the window took away all my fears

I look to see, and found you didn't get me

You didn't get me!

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