Two Be One

Held with a quivering breath

So careful yet never cease to be

Is a kiss ever so gentle

And the feelings we set free

Your eyes lift to reach mine

As we let each other in

Nothing exists around us

Only the feelings within

My fingers play as feathers

As they tickle to the touch

Showering you with kisses

Are never to be too much

Shivers all over your body

A simple smile lets me know

As you try to hold me back

Open arms and eyes held low

A soft arousing silhouette

Held within the candle light

Incandescent form of beauty

Giving me a pleasurable sight

Your hair drapes over me

As you come down for a kiss

A softly spoken whisper

I could never miss

Whispering the same back to you

Our hands begin to tighten more

The sweet smell lingers in the air

As our bodies begin to warm

Moving together as one in motion

We cuddle in our elegant embrace

A desire burning within each other

A pleasure we both could taste

Keeping as one, a hold now stronger

A beautiful passion so free of crime

Eyes closed tight for a built up release

So powerful and never touched by time!

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