Just for You

Open arms for a gentle kiss

One day is too many for me to miss

Embrace me with your charming smile

As we hold each other for a little while

Never knowing how it's going to be

Day by day we soon shall see

Eyes into eyes as you let me in

Time is all ours as we start to begin

To touch is to feel

To look is to see

What might not be real

Is real to me

To listen is to hear

To smell is to breathe

Even when you close your eyes

I would never want to leave

Life we build, we build on our own

Being with you, broke this heart of stone

Waking to mornings of comfort and sleep

Holding your presence makes me complete

There is no other I want to hold on to

My life I see only with you

As we learn and grow with each day

I love you more than I can say!

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