Satirical Voices

I fall into the dark, like a shadow runs from the sun

The feelings inside, dance with a stillness of slumber

Whispers implore, within all that I try to abandon

Following in the broken footsteps of my own blunder

The emptiness holds me with thoughts not so benign

Touched like a feather, I feel my skin begin to rise

Elated dreams of a charming world, on which I dine

Everything I aspire and all I see through these eyes

Walking within the wind, watching were it caries me

All that I am, all that is to be, with all my hearts desire

Blanket me with comfort, the direction I need to see

Before I become antiquated and forget all that I aspire

The worlds of stage, the disparity, I do play my part

Descending smokey array of light, please don't deny me

A puppet without the strings always left in the dark

An empty nest, wanting to be admired in a place to be

All my tears are subject to change, I will always adapt

Threads of time spin their weave with perfect symmetry

Satirical are the voices that play inside, linger and trapped

Dispel these feelings I do not want within my spirituality

For I will get to where I want to be within my mind

Peace I will let cleanse my thoughts, wash away my fears

Hopes and dreams I still believe, and leave nothing behind

For these thoughts I will never give any more of my tears

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