Impassable moments

Impassable moments in time

No telling to witch height it would climb

I temp my thoughts more than I should allow

But I keep myself from going insane for now

Impassable moments have touched my soul

Not realizing life has already taken its toll

A whisper to a scream, only to refrain

I reach out not to touch only to feel its pain

Music cascades my feelings with thought

From balmy into bedlam to witch I've been caught

I have loved and lost love, what is love?

I've asked and asked from up above

Impassable moments to witch I find

Only ending in catatonic abyss of the mind

Unanswered gestures swept away by the wind

Reflections in the water telling me where I've bin'

Except up through and past the star lit sky

Where know one can see with the naked eye

Where colors burst in the open air

Leaving me in a cold thoughtful stare

Acrophobia of the sky beyond

It's where I'm going when I'm dead and gone

This is the worst of all my forbidden fears

Always ending in brushed away salted tears

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