In The Wind

In the wind I hear a distant howl

Shadows moving in, as they begin to follow

Music in the trees gives a gift of life

A Wiped away tear bleeds like a knife

Clustering pinpricks shinning in the light

The feeling of elegance hidden within the night

Wish away time to stay right here

Silence in beauty comes drawing near

The smell of sweetness that rides the wind

Something so natural can only be free of sin

Fists to the sky held hard and tight

What are these things that destroy my sight

As I close my eyes I do remember

Even the clean smell of the coming winter

As time moves on I reason to see

What will ever become of me?

But for now I am small building as one

Read between the lines for I will be done

The world I see is inside my head

I asked for god but I got me instead

My hearts of pain for my every tear

The sight of this world that's built on fear

I feel helpless and weak, my thoughts are all gold

Take this away please, it condemns my soul

The gift of life so precious to me

An angel, my baby to be

The stories of beauty that was once there

Now it's gone, with know one to care

A first Breath, a life to live

A breath I share, a life I give

A gift from you, now shared with me

An angel, my baby, my baby to be

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