Salty Tears

Salty tear drops on the window cill

Some left there from the nights before

Rain trickling down, everything is still

As I pick my thoughts up off the floor

Like a stone falling under water

No one knows your even there

Pain begins to take form

But know one is here to care

So here I sit watching the rain

As I confer and join on this side

I feel the cold of the window

As my head rests, and opened eyed

Staring into my endless thoughts

Talking to myself in my usual way

Hand tightly wrapped around this bottle

Slowly drowning my sorrows away

Another swig another sip

Finding myself wanting to hide

Sometimes I would like to fade away

But not strong enough I find

How I feel and how I am

Never knowing what's in store

Except for these salted teardrops

I have plenty more

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