Simplistic Whispers

Once in a while I seem to see

Time in time has a hold on me

When it does in its usual way

I have no pardon in wanting to stay

My death I bestow a thousand times

Never have I lost feelings this unkind

That is why I call out for you

Through simplistic whispers all so true

Thoughtless encounters within my mind

Trying to obtain a world I have to find

Countless endeavors of sleepless nights

Waiting for the one who holds me tight

She comes to me within my closed eyes

Picking up the pieces of my helpless cries

Pastel skies obscured by a beautiful heu

Lost in reverie always seemingly blue

Angelic she is in my time of need

She's always there when my eyes begin to bleed

It's hard to understand even more to explain

Through simplistic whispers she eases the pain

The forgotten time has come around once more

I need this sight to enter the next door

Watching, looking through the eyes of Eden

As a paradox of mind has me believing

Painted skies surrounding my domain

To embrace this world I have to refrain

Like water finding its way through the cracks

I have to remember once more to relax

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